Badger Kickoff Classic


BKOC in front of back drop

The Badger Kick Off Classic Show attracts top-notch registered heifers, commercial heifers and market steers. The show is coordinated and run entirely by the University-Madison Saddle & Sirloin.

DATE: December 6-8, 2013

LOCATION: Wisconsin State Faigrounds

CONTACT: Taylor Fritsch

For More Information: please visit

2012 Results:



8: Chloe Boitnott

9: Cade Austin

10: Ainsley Lovrien

11: Cardine Mayer

12:  Rylee Ochs

13: Korbin Collins

14: Sarah Lillesand

15: Jorli Hauge

16: Caden Curve

17: Abe Hauge

18-19: Cody Fausch

20-21: Jessica Radcliffe


Champion Hereford Steer: Hunter Dischler
Res. Champion Hereford Steer: Kesler Collins

Champion Charolais Steer: Grace Voss
Res. Champion Charolais Steer: Logan McCrea

Champion Maine-Anjou Steer: Alex Alliger
Res. Champion Maine-Anjou Steer: Elizabeth Jones

Champion Shorthorn Steer: Brenna Shreeves
Res. Champion Shorthorn Steer: Josie Wagler

Champion Market Heifer: Dustin Lund
Res. Champion Market Heifer: Emma Vickland


Champion Pinzgauer: Jerry DeSmidt
Res. Champion Pinzgauer: Jeff Cunningham

Champion Angus Heifer: Austin Nowatzke
Res. Champion Angus Heifer: Lydia Draper

Champion Chianina Heifer: Courtney Swalve
Res. Champion Chianina: Ben Weis

Champion Simmental Heifer: Mady Frederick
Res. Champion Simmental Heifer: Ethan Hanold

Champion Low Percentage Simmental Heifer: Theresa Claeys
Res. Champion Low Percentage Simmental Heifer: Savannah Speckhart

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